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International Migrants Day with Storytellers for Peace

In 1990 the United Nations General Assembly chose December 18 as an ideal date to adopt a resolution on the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families.
For this reason, every year on this day, on behalf of the UN, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) uses this anniversary, renamed International Migrants Day, to raise awareness about the fundamental contribution guaranteed almost everywhere by the hundreds of millions of immigrant citizens, as well as highlighting the dramatic situation in which the so-called internally displaced people are forced to live.
Storytellers for Peace have decided to celebrate this important anniversary with their new video.

In order of appearance:

Barry Stewart Mann (narrator, educator, actor and author, USA)
Martha Niño (author, marketer, speaker, motivator and storyteller, Mexico)
Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher (author, playwright, storyteller, theater actor and director, founder and coordinator, Italy)
Katharina Ritter (author, actress and storyteller, Germany)
Jozé Sabugo (storyteller, teacher, stage actor and director, Portugal)
Cecilia Moreschi (theater therapist, playwright, theater actress and director, Italy)
D.M.S. Ariyrathne (narrator, Sri Lanka)
Hamid Barole Abdu (writer, storyteller and poet, Eritrea)
Deepa Kiran (Storyteller, Teacher-trainer, Writer, Speaker, India)

Storytellers for Peace was born in June 2016. It is an international network of narrators to create collective stories through videos. Artists come from each continent and tell stories about peace, justice, equality and human rights. The project was created and is coordinated by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, author, storyteller, theatre actor and director.

Let’s make peace through stories!