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International Day for the abolition of slavery with Storytellers for Peace

Hello everybody,

December 2, 2020, we will celebrate the International Day for the abolition of slavery, a yearly event organized by the United Nations General Assembly since 1986.

For this important event we chose to create a collective video to tell you stories about past slavery and the modern one too.

This is a great moment for us, because this is our tenth video, but also because we are very happy to welcome in our family “Theatre for Change”, a wonderful group of actors and storytellers from India.

Here are the storytellers from all over the world in order of appearance:

Barry Stewart Mann (USA)

Ankita Jain (India)

Enrique Páez (Spain)

Srinivas Beesetty (India)

Hamid Barole Abdu (Eritrea)

Devashish Singbal (India) 

Cecilia Moreschi (Italy) 

Vikram Sridhar (India) 

Lisi Amondarain (Argentine) 

Parul Bhargava (India) 

Katharina Ritter (Germany) 

Mimansa Ojha, Vandana Dugar, Mukesh Mukhiya, Himanshu Prasad (India) 

Faria Fatma (India) 

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher (Italy)  


Storytellers for Peace was born in June 2016. It is an international network of artists, storytellers, authors, actors and musicians who create collective stories through videos. Artists come from all over the world and tell stories about peace, justice, equality and human rights. All participants tell their stories in their first language. The final work is a multilingual storytelling video showing how much the world might be powerful, beautiful and peaceful when it is united on a good purpose. The project was created and is coordinated by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, author, storyteller, stage actor and director.

Let’s make peace through stories!