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D.M.S. Ariyrathne

Sunil Danapala, aka D.M.S. Ariyrathne, is an actor and storyteller from Sri Lanka.
To get an easy idea of the man, you can just read what he says about himself on his Facebook page: I like to live happily with what I have and to make others happy.
He is also member of the International Storytelling Network and from the website you may read that he is a translator from English to Sinhala.
Sunil have worked on several books and he also published an anthology of his own poems.
He was awarded as the best translator in 2006 at the State Literary Festival for the translation of Chinese authoress Jung Chang's "Wild Swans - Three Daughters of China".
Other works are Italian author Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose" and Japanese author Yukio Mishima's "The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea".

Facebook page here.

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