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World Storytelling Day 2017 video from Storytellers for Peace

World Storytelling Day 2017 “ Transformation ” After Rudyard Kipling’s If , Imagine and Human Rights Day , here we are to the fourth video from the Storytellers for Peace group. World Storytelling Day is an event celebrated every year around the world near March 20. This year the theme is transformation . So, we tried to answer this question: how writing and telling stories may transform the world in a better place? Twelve storytellers from ten different countries tell their responses (with English subtitles): In order of appearance: Stories help us grow up. They heal us and heal wounds. Fairy tales have taught us that throughout life we can meet fierce wolves. And some wolves will be able to knock down many houses, but not all. And that even some wolves can burn in the fireplace. The stories help us to face the fears. And above all, stories break boundaries . Beatriz Montero (Spain) Once upon a time, a library, the Naus room, a palace, a children's