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Visualizzazione dei post da Giugno, 2016

Call for Storytellers around the world: Imagine...

Dear Storytellers, Rudyard Kipling ’s If video was just the beginning. Well, here is the following step. The 21st of September 2016 will be the International Day of Peace . Working for that event, the name of the call is this: Imagine … Taking inspiration from the famous John Lennon ’s song , I invite you to make a video telling what is your personal dream of peace in your own country, from your point of view. The formula will be for everyone this: I imagine … and so on. The final result will be a collective video of different hopes for a peaceful world, all together as a wonderful puzzle, each one important for the best of all. As Martin Luther King Jr. said : “ Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere .” So, peace, peace everywhere . Send the clip in your first language ( maximum 15 seconds , no sound and no rumors ) with the English translation written in the message to this email . Deadline : September 7, 2016. Let’s make peace through stories!

If Rudyard Kipling - Storytellers for Peace

Hi everybody, here is the very first video by Storytellers for Peace : Rudyard Kipling’s poem If . Please, subscribe, like, share the clip and mostly our hope for a better world...